Prophet Hope Percy Khoza born and raised in small town in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hope Percy has always been in good hands being raised in a Christian family and attended church from an early age. He has always had a zeal for the things of God but like any other teenager was caught in the things of the world but came back in God's presence and then started preaching for the glory of God. He continued preaching and started a youth ministry 2012 called Armies of Heaven that impacted every place where they landed. He has always been energetic and believed that leaders lead by example and not from a distance.

Prophet Hope Percy Khoza

He later met his father in the faith Prophet Passion Java who has impacted his life in a magnificent way that has caused him to start moving in high realms of the prophetic that has left many at shock after he would deliver the words from the Lord. He then began his travelling ministry as he started going to different countries making Jesus famous from a very young age. His ability to also work miracles through the help of the Holy Spirit has made his name to spread throughout with miracle gold dust,money and oil appearing during his services to mention a few. But what has gained him popularity is his ability to preach and teach the word of God with simplicity and understanding.


Spiritual Son of...


Dr Prophet Passion Java

Major Prophet John DoeFounder and President of Kingdom Embassy Church World Wide, PASSION JAVA MINISTRIES www.passionjava.com

Prophetess Lily Java

Wife of Prophet Passion, John Doefounder of the Lily Foundation, teacher, counselor, author, woman of God with a mighty prophetic anointing.